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About Us


School Information / Gwybodaeth Ysgol​

Blaengwrach Primary School is situated in the Upper Neath Valley and serves the communities of Blaengwrach, Cwmgwrach and Glynneath. It is sited in a picturesque location and offers a wide and varied programme of extra curricular activities.
The school is based around two buildings; the Junior department, built in 1908 and the Infant department built in 1914. The buildings are separated and flanked by hard play areas. There is a school field and a nature area.
The Junior building houses the Head Teacher’s Office, the Administration Office, the Information Technology suite and all Junior classrooms.
The Foundation Phase building houses the Staff Room, Canteen, Infant and Nursery classrooms. The Nursery also has a separate enclosed play area.
Blaengwrach Primary School is a single site school located in the village of Cwmgwrach. It is in an attractive setting and parents and children are encouraged to develop ideas for the enhancement of the external environment of the school. The school very much promotes Pupil Voice/ Un Llais and has numerous committees to support the overall running of the school (Article 12). The school has been awarded the coveted Healthy Schools National Award, Designed to Smile Gold Award, Rights Respecting Gold Award, the second ECO Green Flag and the Siarter Gwobyr Efydd Award. This is a reflection on how hard the school works with our community to ensure we develop the whole child as part of their educational journey (Article 29).

Aims of Our School

The following aims have been created by the whole school community: pupils, staff, parents and governors. Article 12- you have the right to an opinion and for it to be listened to and taken seriously.

Believe Achieve Succeed

To provide a school ethos where each child feels valued, respected, listened to and proud of themselves, their school and their local community. Article 12

To encourage children to set themselves high standards to become ambitious and enthusiastic individuals with enquiring minds, ready to learn throughout their lives. Article 29

To provide a rich learning environment which stimulates, motivates and excites children to express themselves within a range of contexts. Article 3

To develop independent, collaborative learners who are able to identify and grasp opportunities, by taking risks and thinking creatively to solve problems. Article 29

To value strong partnerships with children, parents and the wider school community. Article 3

To promote the use of bilingualism and to respect the needs and rights of others as a valued member of a diverse society. Article 30

To empower children to be committed to our sustainable future by encouraging the ability to make measured decisions and face and overcome challenges. Article 29

To support the development of children’s health and wellbeing; building confidence, resilience and empathy. Article 24

Blaengwrach School Vision

 ‘A hard worker beats a lazy genius every single time’.

Our vision for Blaengwrach Primary School can be summarised in the following statement:

Our vision is to provide an environment that challenges, inspires and supports all children to achieve their full potential and aspirations. We ensure all children are happy, secure and cared for and in turn become responsible and caring citizens. We celebrate diversity and promote inclusion for all pupils as part of one nurturing school community.

At Blaengwrach Primary School, children develop as valued individuals who are encouraged to be active participants having a voice in decision- making about their own learning and the wider community. Learning opportunities are well planned, challenging, exciting and relevant to pupils’ experiences, enabling them to become confident, independent learners prepared for an ever changing world. Each pupil’s self-esteem is fostered by positive relationships with other pupils and staff. We strive to actively involve parents, teachers and community members in our pupils’ learning.

Believe Achieve Succeed